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Time & Chips: A comm about the Doctor and his Rose
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Who We Are

Welcome to time_and_chips! This is a community for fans of the Doctor and Rose from BBC's Doctor Who, a place to commune over anything and everything having to do with these two characters and their relationship, whether you like it shippy or not. This is NOT a general Doctor Who comm, and all posts must be focus on the pair in some way.

The Rules

All posts should be relevant to this community's focus. Any and all Doctor/Rose content is generally welcome. (Any incarnation, past, present or future, is acceptable as long as Rose is involved.) All fics and fanvids, whether shippy or gen, must focus on the Doctor and Rose. NOTE: Other pairings are allowed, as long as Doctor/Rose is a major feature. This includes threesome fics. NOTE 2: "Hi, I'm new!" posts are considered off-topic. Please post your intro to the Meet & Mingle thread or simply wait until you have fic, icons or a discussion topic to post and introduce yourself to us then. If in doubt over whether a post will on topic, please Page-a-Mod!

We expect decent behaviour when posting to and in this community. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Bashing of other characters/ships and fans thereof will not be tolerated. Obvious trolling and attempts to stir trouble will not be tolerated. Engaging in such behaviour can get you banned from this community, as can engaging in homophobia, sexism, racism or similar offensive behaviour. Treat your fellow posters with respect, even if they hold a different opinion, prefer another incarnation of the Doctor, like other ships as well and so forth. Do not disable or delete comments others have made in a thread - if you feel something has crossed the line, please alert the mods so we may look into it.

New members are put on moderated posting automatically. This is mainly to prevent trolls, OT spamming and such things. If you submit a post and a mod approves it, you're usually stuck on unmoderated posting from then on. Mods can on occasion put members back on moderated posting, though is is very rare and will usually follow several warnings. If you leave the comm and rejoin, you will go back to moderated posting simply because that's the default for new members. It doesn't mean you have broken any rules.

Use LJ-cuts: On spoilers (don't ruin it for your fellow fan), large graphics, long posts, fanfic, long fanfic headers and icon posts. Three teaser icons are allowed to post above the cut, but they must be relevant to this comm. Dimensions of sample graphics of any kind should as a rule add up to no more than 400. As an example, you may post a graphic sized to 100x300, 250x150, 200x200 or slight variations thereof.

Please limit the amount of posting in a day, condensing as much as possible. Posting every few hours will start to be considered spamming the community.

Fanvids & Fanmixes must be friendslocked when posted to this comm.

All adult material must be clearly marked and flagged so, as according to LJ rules.

Fanfics posted should have a header, containing such information as author, potential spoilers, rating and a summary. Warn for dubcon, noncon, excessive violence, and any other content that could be disturbing to a large portion of readers.

Off-topic posts and personal stories that are not appropriate for this comm are welcome on timenchips_ot.

Requests for betas, requests for icons, requests for fanvids, requests for fics to be written and questions about fics you recall but can't locate all belong on timenchips_ot.

We expect links posted to this community to be public. Posts with friendslocked links will be deleted.

Promotion of ratings community of any kind is not allowed, other Doctor Who communities usually are as long as they are not restrictive or closed. However, please check at Page-A-Mod first. This goes for affiliation as well.Check with the mods before pimping community events outside of T&C. (No, the Hello! poll with David is not on topic under any circumstance.)

Don't cheek the mods. Questions for the mods should always go to Page-A-Mod.

Helpful Links

- How to make a header for your fic.
- How to make an lj-cut.
- List of LJ comms for other aspects of Doctor Who.
- All Available Tags
- If you're looking for fanfic, T&C authors' masterlists and rec lists can be found here.


timenchips_ot for off-topic conversation with other tea room members
allthat_hopping for episode transcripts
dw_ficsearch for fics you've lost and want to read again
quite_right_too for Doctor/Rose fanfic recs
better_with_3 for fans of the Doctor/Rose/Jack threesome
smith_n_jones for all your Doctor/Martha needs
lifeonmartha for discussing and shipping Martha Jones
who_otp for all your alternate Who pairing needs
rose_lives for a community focused on Rose Tyler
dw_challenge for bi-weekly Doctor Who fanfiction challenges
10thdoctor for fans of the Tenth Doctor
tennant_love for fans of David Tennant
nine_love for fans of the Ninth Doctor
leftbehind__ for fans of Mickey Smith
oncoming_recaps for Doctor Who Recaps
marriedonmars for fans of Donna Noble and Catherine Tate
the_dark_thorn for Rose/Ten dark!fic
calufrax for fanfic rec from the Teaspoon
drficexchange for Doctor/Rose fanfic exchange
rose_plus_two for Doctor/Rose (JE Compliant)
dw_forever for Doctor/Rose and Donna adventures
vain_doctors for Ten/TenII shipping
harknessstills for a Jack Harkness icontest
stop_plagiarism, where to takes plagiarism cases and issues
girlsavesboyfic for the Girl Saves Boy ficathon
torchwood_fest for Torchwood fic
The Children of Time Awards


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