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Five First Lines Master Post

Okay, all the entries for Five First Lines are here under the cut, along with another rundown of how it works.

Please, no more sentence submissions, and thanks to everyone who did submit!


Whatcha do: Go through this list and pick out five sentences (that aren't your own) that inspire you to write a story. They can be any five. If you like all five that one person submitted, then by all means choose all five of theirs. And there's no first-dibs - more than one author can pick the same sentence. It'll actually be fun to see the different directions they go in! Stories can be any length you like.

Please comment here only with links to your finished works, whether at your journal or on Teaspoon. Please don't post the full stories here, or post which sentences you're picking. Just comment with links to your stories, and any questions if you have them.

There's no time limit. If it'll take you a while, just bookmark this entry and come back to it later. This isn't a contest, it's just something fun to spark your creativity.

When you post a story, please make sure to credit the writer of the first line you picked.

Okay, I think that's it. Onwards:

From amandarex:

1. It wasn't until she finally felt safe enough to stop running that she noticed the Doctor wasn't with her anymore.

2. If you'd asked her before now, Rose would have told you that there was nothing like a nice bit of chocolate to get over a bad mood.

3. Why hadn't she listed to him?

4. It was in moments like these, when he was hanging upside-down with his hands bound, that the Doctor remembered why he loved to travel in the first place.

5. "I simply can't believe you would bring me here, of all places."

From honorh:

1. Not that Jack had never worn collars and leashes before, but this one was damned uncomfortable.

2. "Will you please just SHUT UP?" yelled Martha.

3. When he awoke, the Doctor found himself wondering about three things: 1. where he was, 2. why there was a cat curled up on his chest, purring, and 3. where where his clothes had gone.

4. Rose barely made it to the zeppelin before things started exploding.

5. The TARDIS, had she been capable of it, would have been rolling her eyes and sighing.

From the_lucky_stars:

1. "No..." she whispered quietly - but the lights had already gone off.

2. "Ah!" said the Doctor, scratching the back of his neck, "Now, this will take some explaining."

3. "You're drunk. Bad things happen when you're drunk"

4. The rain fell from the sky like a haze of golden bullets.

5. The restaurant at the end of the universe had always been a rather respected place - that is, until the Doctor turned up.

From sideways:

1. "I've always wanted to meet Grace Kelly; fantastic!"

2. For them, causing a scandal was as easy as breathing.

3. Yea, because he was so bloody perfect, right?

4. "I wish that I could tell you that I was sorry, and mean it."

5. Somehow, she knew that it wasn't supposed to end quite like this.

From arcvert:

1. Rose laughed lightly when the man wearing a suit-jacket asked her the dance; the doctor simply glowered.

2. "You can't just barge in here like you own the place." His voice was indignant.

3. From the moment the Doctor looked outside, he knew they had landed some place that was decidedly not Earth.

4. "If you insist on licking it, you may as well tell me what it tastes like?"

5. Waking up in the same bed was just as much a surprise to Rose as it was to the Doctor.

From purplerhino:

1.) This was a prime example why time travel with young children was generally considered a Very Bad Idea.

2.) It seemed like a very nice planet, especially when the fox dressed like a Cavalier started talking to them.

3.) It would have been easier to eat the jello-like substance if it didn't try to squirm its way across the plate.

4.)That scarf had been useful for many things over time, however; this was the first time it was used to wrap up a squirming puppy to prevent its escape.

5.)How they had found themselves literally stuck in one of Rose's trashy romance novels had thus far eluded him.

From catsfiction:

1. When he decided he was going to burn up a sun to say goodbye, he wasn't expecting the sun to have an opinion on the subject.

2. "Tallulah, this is Shakespeare. He's going to help you write the show; then you can put it on in the TARDIS library."

3. "What are you doing here?" gasped the Doctor, as he emerged from the shower. "I thought I left you in the other universe."

4. It was the first planet she'd ever visited that had chocolate mountains. Oh, and volcanoes. The two didn't really go together.

5. "Give us a cuddle," rasped the Dalek.

From randomdent:

1. "One of these days," she muttered to herself, shaking her fist angrily.

2. The rain poured down in buckets on her head, but Rose just wrapped his borrowed trenchcoat tighter around herself and waited, staring out at the bleak landscape.

3. From the moment she opened her mouth, the Doctor knew this conversation was going to be a mistake.

4. Oh, crap, she realised, slapping her hand over her eyes as quickly as possible, naked man.

5. "I'm Jo Jones," she introduced herself, sticking her hand out to shake his. "Isn't that the most unfortunate name you ever heard?"

From kalihira:

1. Frankly, he didn't care how he got here, but he was sure the story would be entertaining.

2. It was a fleeting hope, but she clung to it like it was the last breath she would ever take.

3. "I'm sorry, honey. I really am." Rose could feel the tears beginning to form. "It's twins."

4. "He's not coming to get you! Not ever. But dammit, Rose, I'm right here. Right in front of your face." Mickey grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into a desperate kiss. "I love you, Rose."

5. Martha gasped. "You seriously brought me to 14th Century Japan?"

From geordie_chick:

1. 'It was free so I have to have it.'
2. 'My jacket!' The Doctor held up the shreds of leather in shock.
3. The tempation to kick Adam in the nuts was too great, so Rose did.
4. 'Your ears have always turned me on.' Rose licked one passionately.
5. He gazed at his chest and wondered when he had his nipple pierced.

From gentle_blessing:

1. "Oh my God...I lost the key!I LOST THE KEY!"

2. Jackie turned away from Rose and took a few steps, her hands shaking at her sides.

3. The Doctor's eyes widened as he turned to the doorway of the TARDIS kitchen, the muffin he was eating falling from his hands and exploding into a million pieces on the floor.

4. "What do you mean we're nowhere? How can we be nowhere? That's impossible isn't it?"

5. Besides, it wasn't as if she was going to lose him again.

From tiny_disk:

1. He knew Rose would never believe it, but hanging here, upside down, one might add; he might have just thought up his most brilliant idea yet.

2. The time had come for her to take him by the hand and show him the way to a world without monsters.

3. Dancing for your life. Yep; that was definitely a new one.

4. They walked together once more, one final time, along the edge of the world, bathed in a golden glow.

5. The Doctor suddenly remembered why he hadn't visited 1950s Earth too recently: last time he'd done exactly the same thing: run into the wrong police box. But this time he wasn't alone and that made it all the more embarrassing.

From wiccagirl24:

1- "I don't understand," the Doctor muttered as he shook his head, "why mothers never seem to like me."

2- Tracing the letters etched in stone, the Doctor remembered why he never visited cemetaries.

3- "The Doctor, The Master, The Rani; you lot sure are full of yourselves."

4- Mickey and Jake were good mates, but sometimes a girl just needed another woman to talk to; Rose was pleased when she ran into a woman named Ace in the halls of Torchwood.

5- "I've always wanted a pet: can we keep him?" she asked as she stroked the purple hair.

From winterda:

1. While the natives danced and prepared for the feast, Mickey couldn’t quiet work out how it was that he and the Doctor were going to be dinner while Rose got to be god.

2. Rose didn’t think that it was physically possible for Jack Harkness to blush, but her mother proved that theory wrong.

3. “What part of ‘don’t push the bloody button’ didn’t you understand?”

4. The Doctor forgot sometimes that there were certain societies in history that one never introduced their female friends as their companion or something like this would happen.

5. As they reentered the TARDIS, singed and reeking of perfumed smoke, the Doctor decided then that Jack was never going to choose their destination again.

From faythbrady:

1)It was entirely possible, Rose suddenly realised, to keep breathing with a broken heart.

2)"Think before you talk, it'll save time and, ya know, air."

3)The blood on her shaking hands was not her own.

4)The Doctor rubbed his ear as he tried to come up with a singularly spectacular way of getting out of this with his dignity intact.

5)"Rose, Martha. Martha, Rose." He paused. "Please don't speak to each other."

From danu_mactire:

1) "Really now? Was that the smartest thing you could've done?"

2) This was one of those times she was sure her head was going to explode.

3) "If you wanted it that much you should've asked for it!"

4) Martha knew she would never understand the Doctor's love of licking things, she shuddered just thinking about it.

5) Of all the places, in the whole of time and space, the TARDIS had to take them to Trenton, New Jersey.

From eris_amazing:

1) "You may kiss the bride,"

2) She'd never killed anyone before, no one that counted, anyways.

3) Children were never a good idea.

4) It was a lopsided sort of house, with a picket fence and roses in the garden.

5) Martha hated Saturdays most of all, because Saturdays meant opera, and opera meant the Doctor trying- trying- to sing.

From celia311:

1) "I told you not to lick it!"

2) "We're a bloody zoo exhibit?!" exclaimed Rose.

3) The hug slowly turned into the most amazing kiss.

4) "Mud wrestling," Rose muttered as she walked into the TARDIS, past a bewildered Doctor and Jack.

5) A bruised and battered body came tumbling into the cell, nearly bowling Jack over.

From northern_magic:

1. She was flying; she was flying to the moon and back.

2. A little bird told me a story, once.

3. He was a tree: an old immortal tree that remained as the forest fell around him; left alone in the middle of the ancient superhighway.

4. The TARDIS hum was laced with something Rose couldn't place, something that meandered in and out of her range of hearing, a melody of cyclic harmonies and undulating words and an aeolian voice that whispered of the North.

5. "Welcome to the 11th dimension."

From principia:

1. There was no way that smile could mean anything good.

2. "If he starts twirling and splashing about like Gene Kelly, I am going to kill him," Martha growled to herself.

3. Didn't I tell them not to give him anything with sugar or caffeine?, Rose thought as the befuddled aliens tried to determine why their carefully crafted treaty now contained fifty pages of stipulations regarding the use of wombats and candy floss.

4. The sky was amber instead of burnt orange, and the grass closer to burgundy than blood red, but it would do.

5. They were selling Bessie on eBay?

From wendymr:

1. "Jackie Tyler! What are you doing here?" the Doctor exclaimed, horrified, as the universe's most fearsome alien materialised inside the console-room.

2. "Kiss you? I'd rather kiss a Slitheen!"

3. It was a dark and stormy night on Xerxes V when Jack Harkness realised he was pregnant.

4. The kitten purred, the Doctor cringed and Rose giggled.

5. No matter how many times they asked him, or how much they teased, the Doctor would never tell Rose and Jack how he came to be stripped naked and tied to a statue of a fertility god with a bright pink bow tied strategically around parts of him he'd prefer them not to have seen.

From earenwe:

1. "I don't think that is quite your color. Have a go at this," Rose said, handing the Doctor a plaid suit.

2. He never did say those three words, but that face he made when she mentioned the word 'baby' - she knew, and that was enough.

3. The apperance of penguins cleared up the question of whether or not they were on Tertia.

4. It was the first time he had ever felt the TARDIS cry.

5. "D'you reckon that wings are supposed to grow from there?,"

From aibhinn:

1. Rose knew something was up when the first words out of the Doctor's mouth that morning were, "Let's go shopping!" (Especially effective for a Nine fic.)

2. It was on days like this, the Doctor reflected, that he really wished Rose and Martha didn't get on as well as they did.

3. "So," Rose said to Jack over breakfast, "what does a girl get a bloke for his hundred-and-thirty-seventh birthday?"

4. "No," the Doctor said firmly, "no cats on board."

5. There was nothing like the birth of a star to make one feel insignificant.

From mordreds_girl:

1. How was he supposed to know that when he said he'd pick up Rose they thought he was getting a prostitute?

2. After this he swore never to watch Mythbusters again.

3. "I wanna cookie!!!!!"

4. "Ohhhh...But I like that!!"

5. "What do you mean I'm pregnant! I haven't had sex in a year!"

From dark_aegis:

1. "This never happened, I wasn't here and that does not belong to me."

2. It didn't matter how far he ran in space or time - Murphy would always find him.

3. The sonic screwdriver fizzled and the Doctor stared at it forlornly.

4. "The last time this happened, you had a sonic blaster, she had a cheeky smile and I had a banana."

5. The Doctor looks at her, tongue flopping uselessly out of his mouth, and asks, "Vat?"

From dave7:

1. "I didn't even get to go swimming," she complains, shaking the sand from her hair.

2. It didn't taste the same as the other but, just to be sure, he licked it again.

3. If he'd known she'd been looking for a replacement father figure he'd have left her on that bloody rock and been done with it.

4. "Why does it always have to involve mud?"

5. "He has your eyes," the Doctor says, nudging the squirming mass towards Jackie.

From theyellow_daisy:

1."This is hopeless!" The Doctor said rolling his eyes

2. It wasn't as if he had never done it before!

3. Rose groaned as the Doctor licked the water droplets from her back.

4. Since when did Time Lords get chicken pox?

5. Rose had never meant to hurt the Doctor.

From jeonggam:

1. Sometimes, he wondered why he even bothered trying to explain the difference between the dimensional stabiliser, the vector tracker, the vortex loop and the DVD player.

2. Some planets had aliens, some planets had humans, and some planets had both; but she didn't think she'd ever been to a planet inhabited by sentient cutlery, before.

3. "What, really? There's seriously a McDonalds on Jupiter?"

4. "Stand back! I happen to be particularly well versed in the art of Venusian Akido, and, trust me, if there's anything you don't wanna mess with, it's the art of Venusian Akido."

5. The Doctor thrust out his arm, sonic screwdriver extended, and proceeded to sonic the alien... but nothing happened. "Ah," he said eventually. "Right. That would be the sonic not working, then."

From avoria:

1. It had been one of those things, the Doctor realised upon reflection, that came under the Great Big Threatening Button That Should Never Ever Be Pressed category.

2. Apparently, his nipples did react when it was cold.

3. "Doctor? Why are you wearing a dress?"

4. They never did make it to that concert.

5. This was absolutely, undeniably, unquestionably and most definitely not his fault; anyone could have licked that signpost.

From firefaery2:

1) "Well," the Doctor observed cheerily, "this is new!"

2) Martha wished she'd listened to her instincts from the beginning.

3) "Doctor," Rose turned to frown at him, "why is everybody naked?"

4) As it turned out, that brown suit looked sexier than ever on her bedroom floor.

5) The TARDIS was mad at him, the Doctor concluded as he stepped out of the doors and into a swamp.

From jupisan:

1. "Ive been here before."
2.Her smile can make grown men melt.
3. He has no stepped in a Church since 1987 but he was there now to mourn.
4. Wanted: a shop girl to travel through time and space.
5.He stared at Sally and Lawrence hands interlinking and thought "I had that once"

From purpleshoes:

1. "Well, Doctor," the two-inch tall Rose Tyler shouted from the top of the TARDIS console, "I certainly hope you have a 'plan B'."

2. Ten seconds ticked by, not stirred even by the wind, and then faded into eternity.

3. Martha didn't know what was more awkward: awakening to find the Doctor fast asleep at her side, or turning her head to find a slumbering Rose curled against her shoulder.

4. Rose shoved the crying infant into the Doctor's arms and muttered, "he's your problem, too, you know."

5. "Miss Tyler," the secretary's voice rang through Rose's headset, "there is a Doctor Martha Jones here to speak with you."

And from me, the_sandwalker:

1. In retrospect, the Nitro Nine should probably have stayed locked up in the Hazardous Materials closet.

2. Sarah-Jane Smith knew for a fact that life never turns out the way you expect, but even she never saw that day coming.

3. The sunset was obscured by the jagged mountains rising from the horizon, but the eerie light from the white dwarf star was still unnerving.

4. They opened the door of the TARDIS and instead of the promised city from the heights of human civilization, they found nothing but charred, desolate ruins.

5. Her watch had stopped ticking.

Apparently I'm an idiot, and forgot someone's:

From isolus_gurl

1.Looking back the only think he remembered about that day was the unbelivable pain.
2.Wasn't it funny the things you remembered, Jack pondered.
3.Standing there in front of her was a very wet, very cold and very naked Jack.
4.After so much pain the desicion Rose was about to make was not suprising.
5.Once Upon A Time was Roses favorite shop, and Jack was accompaning her this time little did they know what was about to happen.

Just to review, stories can be:

A. As short or as long as you like.

B. From any era in Whodom.

C. Any genre or rating

Stories cannot be:

A. Character-bashing. You put a character in there, write them as best you can. If you don't like the character enough to write them properly, then don't put them in your story.

B. Posted in this thread. Post them elsewhere, either your own journal or Teaspoon and then comment here with the links.

Get a-pickin'!

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